Aerial mattresses - FOLDING 180 x120 cm

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The rectangular mattress, when unfolded, measures 120 cm by 180 cm and is 5 or 10 cm thick. It consists of three rectangles joined together with dimensions of 120 x 60 cm each.


has all strong handles, thanks to which you can easily transport the mattress


- you know what you buy - We know how important information about the hardness (density) of foams is. After all, the sponge inside the mattress is the main protection for your body. Some producers do not write hardness because they use the cheaper T-20. In this model, the best density of the t-35 foam is used. What is sponge density? This is the amount of material consumed per m3: T-35, or 35 kg per m3. The more sponges per m3, the harder the mattress and thus the longer life. The t-35 sponge can fulfill its FUNCTION EVEN 8 YEARS


- you can check the current implementation time in the "implementation time" tab


easy to clean - leather is a material that does not let water through. Artificial leather is PVC (i.e. polyvinyl chloride) applied to a fabric backing. Leatherette resembles gum poured on the material, it is slightly stretchy, but therefore waterproof, so very easy to maintain.


- The cover is the part of the mattress that wears out the fastest. When the foam lasts 8 years, the covers will wear out after about 3-4 years. The cover includes not only artificial leather, but also Velcro. From the intensive joining and disconnecting of the mattress halves, it is normal for the Velcro to pilling after some time and have less grip, no matter how good they are.


The average waiting time for a mattress to be made is 7 days, shorts 3 days
Aerial hoops, folding dance poles and other equipment are sent immediately after received the payment.

Shipping time 2-4 days by GLS or DHL courier

If you want to order Pole4you one-piece pole, write to us, we will quote the shipment

We ship to all countries in Europe. If your country is not on the list of countries, please write to us. If you are interested in a wholesale order, please write to us

European Shipping cost to: 

AERIAL HOOP and CRASH MATS 1x pack 2 x pack 3 x pack
Austria Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Spain, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Sweden    57,14   EUR  114,29   EUR  171,43  EUR






Rest product incl. Dance poles small product 1 pack 2 pack

Austria Belgium, Germany, Republic Czech, Denmark,  Lithuania, Latvia, Luxemburg,  Netherlands, Slovakia,


  17,58 EUR 35,16 EUR
Spain, Portugal, Romania, Ireleand    35,16 EUR 70,33 EUR









Bulgaria, , Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Lichtenstein, Szwajcaria, Słowenia 
  24,18 EUR 48,35 eur


Folding POLES are shipped in 1 package, Summer poles are shipped in 2 packages

If you want to order one-piece oles, write to us, we will quote the shipment


If you are interested in DROPSHIPPING cooperation write to us

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