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Aerial Silk acrobatic sash is an ideal choice for all lovers of acrobatics, dance and gymnastics. Training with the aerial sash will not only provide exciting sensations, but also strengthen muscles and improve agility, flexibility and body awareness.

  • The acrobatic sash is made of low-stretch material

(maximum 10%), which significantly increases comfort during training. Climbing and performing figures on it is definitely easier than on a sash with medium or high stretch.

  • The aerial material is thin, but durable and safe

Thanks to which it can be freely embraced by the hand. It is not slippery to the touch, so it is secure to grip. It does not cause abrasion to the skin, and has the right degree of cushioning and flexibility. It complies with EN ISO 20957-1:2013 standards.

The offered kit includes the aerial sash and the components necessary for its installation*. Remember that the sash must be tied in a way that ensures safety during training.


Set contains:

  • material (Denier 40 Count Tricot Shine Nylon)
  • large HMS carabiner
  • "8"

Ceiling mount not included.


Product parameters

Material type

108" Denier 40 Count Tricot Shine Nylon Fabric

Fabric width

280 cm

Fabric composition

100% nylon

Fabric density

40 den

Point strength (static)

200 kg

Dynamic strength

900 kg

Certificate Conforms to ISO 20957-1:2013 standard

Warranty period

6 months


When ordering a ready-to-use kit, you will get an aerial sash ready for use , i.e. the material is tied in a figure eight. if you need to take the material off the fixture for washing, below are instructions on how to re-tie the material.

How does the required length of material count depending on the height of the room?
For example, a fabric 7 meters long when folded in half is 3.5 meters long. It should be remembered that 0.5 -1 m of material on each side should be on the floor.
If you are an advanced person or need more material for the same room, choose an 8m aerial silk. When making many figures, you need more material, a longer silk will ensure that you will not run out of material when you need to wrap the silk around your body many times.

Choose the length that best suits the height of your room. Remember that after folding the silk there should be a minimum of half a meter of material on each side on the floor. If you are an advanced person or you want to have more comfort in performing various combinations of figures, choose a longer material.

  • 6m (room height 2.2-2.5m)
  • 7m (room height 2.5-3m)
  • 8m (room height 3-3.5m)
  • 9m (room height 3.5-4m)
  • 10m (room height 4-4.5m)
  • 11m (room height 4.5-5m)
  • 12m (room height 5-5.5m)
  • 13m (room height 5.5-6m)
  • 14m (room height 6-6.5m

The material is tied and prepared for aerial silk assembly.

Lead time


Lead time

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One-piece powder painted pole

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Summer pole silver polished (folded)

2-5 working days

Summer pole powder painted (folded)

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