Order cancellation

The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason up to 14 days from the date of receipt of the product.

Detailed information is included in the regulations. Below is a short diagram of how it works in practice.

1. The deadline of 14 days for the return is the deadline for either returning the product to us (date of delivery to us) or sending an email with withdrawal from the contract (date of delivery to us).

2. All products are returnable except

Material for aerial cut to size, the length of which we do not sell in the store, i.e. other than 5m, 6m, 12m, 14m, is not returnable.
Personalized products that we do not regularly offer in the store, i.e. a different combination of fabric colors in shorts, a different combination of artificial leather for a mattress (two-color mattress), a different spacing of handles in aerial hoops, simultaneous dance poles made for the room height specified by the customer
3. There is a blue leaflet in the package or the bill of lading with a receipt or invoice attached. The leaflet contains information on how to return or replace the goods and a form to be completed in the event of a return or exchange. A copy of the receipt or the receipt must be attached. Failure to attach the receipt will not result in the return not being accepted, but it will add additional work, because each receipt must be attached to the tax office for return, if we do not have it, we have to unfold it and then roll up the rolls from the cash register to make a photocopy.

If for some reason the receipt and the return form leaflet cannot be located, you can write on a piece of paper which should contain the following information:

First name and last name
Order number
Account number
The amount paid for the order (full)
Listing of items to be returned and their value
Telephone number and email
4. Fill in the form, add it to the package and send it to the company's address.

5. The refund of the amount paid should be made within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product by us.

in the case of a return, we refund the amount for the goods + the lowest shipping amount that occurs in our store and is assigned to this goods.
in the case of exchange, you must pay PLN 14 for the re-shipment (courier).
6. The product does not have to be packed in the original packaging, but it must be secured enough for shipping so that the courier does not damage the equipment. We have monitoring in our warehouse, so we have documented the condition or packaging of returns. Please note that the courier (according to the courier's regulations) may throw a package flat from 1 meter and such package should not be damaged.

7. People work in M-pole, so you can always get along on other issues;)