Pole dance knee pads - Detachable knee pads with VELCRO

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When you put on your shoes and it turns out you need to put on the boots,

When you did not plan that you would need them, and in the middle of training it would be appropriate to wear them

When you want to be free to download them anytime ...

The pads have rubber dots that increase the stickiness of the knee pad to the tube. They are dedicated to Exotic pole dance also with elements on the pole.

Velcro on the back, when used on "bare" skin for a long time, may cause abrasions, so we recommend using them temporarily or on leggings. The protectors are flexible, which means that they can be easily adjusted to the knee, so we recommend a smaller size ...

They are not filled with foam but with rubber - synthetic rubber, which does not knead permanently, but [after deformation it returns to the previous form.

Advantages of the rubber filling:

  • it is very flexible
  • stretching the rubber when bending the knee does not reduce protection
  • high density around 120 kg / m3, while foam is 20-30 kg / m3
  • it does not knead - it returns to its original shape

On the back, at the bend, they have a cut hole that makes it easier to bend the knee, as well as varnished eco leather, thanks to which the area under the knee stays on the pipe. A professional alternative to bandages or elastic bands.

The type of material from which the pads are sewn should match the type of filling. The rubber filling is heavier than the foam filling, so it requires a more solid material to support the knee brace. Knee pads may not work properly on the leg when mismatched materials are used. It can be noticed that delicate foam pads, although they look neat on the leg, may not fulfill their protective function.

The average waiting time for a mattress to be made is 7 days, shorts 3 days
Aerial hoops, folding dance poles and other equipment are sent immediately after received the payment.

Shipping time 2-4 days by GLS or DHL courier

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Rest product incl. Dance poles small product 1 pack 2 pack

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