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Delivery polished 7-10 working days, painted 7-14 working days
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One-piece, unscrewed dance pole by Pole4You. It has the Pin-Spin function, i.e. a quick change from static to rotational function with a pin.

Delivery time. Pole4you poles are available in limited quantities. Delivery time up to 3 -5 days. Before buying, write to ask about the availability of your size. If you want to order this poles to any country in Europe, write to us. We do not have the option of ordering poles through the store, because shipping to countries in Europe is priced individually.

When ordering, please provide the exact height from floor to ceiling (place of installation) in the message! Adjustment of the height of the poles -2 / + 6 cm from the height specified in the order (permissible error up to 10 mm). The height is adjusted with a thread

Quick change of rotation-static function. The change is done by removing one pin (as in the movie). To change the static tube to the rotating tube, you do not need to waste time unscrewing two screws, just pull out the pin. The pin is a magnet that will stick to the base, reducing the risk of losing it.

The material from which the poles is made is antiallergic stainless steel - approved for contact with food, covered with a special polishing agent that provides the well-known POLE4YOU grip. It is a specially developed surface (made in Italy) that increases the grip of the pole.

Disassembly or assembly takes 1-2 minutes. Although the expansion thread is on the top of the pole, the simple and reliable structure facilitates assembly and disassembly of any pole length of this model. Having 8 pipes in the room, you are able to disassemble all poles within 15 minutes, thus gaining the possibility of using the room for other activities.

The wall thickness is as much as 3 mm, while the standard is 2 mm. The thicker wall reduces the bending of the rod, additionally the pipe is heavier so the spin compared to the traditional jury pole is "like butter"

The adjusting screw is 40% reinforced and has a reduced pitch, which means that the thread length can be used to the maximum. The pipe has an adjustment cover which is very carefully attached to the pole.

You can shorten the pole yourself. The upper threaded sleeve is inserted into the pole making it easy to remove in order to shorten the adaptation of the pipe to a lower room.

Fast delivery - We have poles in standard lengths on the machine. After ordering and providing the exact height by you, we shorten the pole accordingly. Our large inventory allows us to deliver the pipe very quickly.

All elements of the set can be purchased separately. It is also possible to buy an attachment to sloping ceilings, a cover for a pole and other lengths of extensions.

Weight: 12 kg (height up to 280)
Material: Stainless steel
Diameter 42.4 mm
Pole4you is the leading producer of pole dance and aerial equipment in Russia since 2010. In recent years, the company has introduced the most pole dance solutions.
On Pole4you equipment, stars such as:


  • Dmitrij Politow
  • Polina Volchek (Pink Puma)
  • Alina Sayfutdinova
  • Nina Kozub - NinaK
  • Natalia Meshcheryakova
  • Eva Bembo
  • Olga Trifonova
  • Anastasia Skukhtorova


The average waiting time for a mattress to be made is 7 days, shorts 3 days
Aerial hoops, folding dance poles and other equipment are sent immediately after received the payment.

Shipping time 2-4 days by GLS or DHL courier

If you want to order Pole4you one-piece pole, write to us, we will quote the shipment

We ship to all countries in Europe. If your country is not on the list of countries, please write to us. If you are interested in a wholesale order, please write to us

European Shipping cost to: 

AERIAL HOOP and CRASH MATS 1x pack 2 x pack 3 x pack
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Rest product incl. Dance poles small product 1 pack 2 pack

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  17,58 EUR 35,16 EUR
Spain, Portugal, Romania, Ireleand    35,16 EUR 70,33 EUR









Bulgaria, , Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Lichtenstein, Szwajcaria, Słowenia 
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Folding POLES are shipped in 1 package, Summer poles are shipped in 2 packages

If you want to order one-piece oles, write to us, we will quote the shipment


If you are interested in DROPSHIPPING cooperation write to us

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