Dance pole set - folding, powder painted antialergic STANDARD

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Powder coated pole - recommended for people allergic to nickel.

Only extension is painted, the upper and lower base are in the original silver color. Black, white and pink are available "in stock". Before buying, it is best to contact us and ask about availability. 

Spin-static function - You no longer have to choose between a spin and a static pole. In a few seconds you can switch the functions of the pole by unscrewing the screws at the bottom base. The same figure on the static pole requires a different technique on the spin tube, so you can add variety to your training whenever you need it. The set includes all the necessary keys, the only thing you need to securely mount the bar is a spirit level.

Antiallergic dance pole - As the pole is powder coated, the skin does not come into contact with metal, so it does not cause allergies. Regardless of whether the pole has a low or high nickel content, however, with long-term exercise, contact with metal may cause allergy symptoms even in people who have not had a problem with it so far.

Modular pole - foldable and expandable - Consists of extensions of various lengths. It can be installed in rooms from 2.25 m to 2.70 m by selecting the appropriate extensions from the set. The height margin is regulated by a strut at the top dome. However, if you move often and you need to install the pole in a higher room above 270 cm, then you can easily buy extensions available in our store. You can install such a pole up to a height of 3.2 m.

Ease and speed of assembly - It can be unfolded and folded many times,

Large bases (dome and plate) finished with silicone - The upper plate with a diameter of 40 cm effectively blocks the pole from sliding off the ceiling, ensuring safety even during the most competitive exercises. Such a system means that the pole do not need to be screwed permanently. On the other hand, the white silicone on the bottom of the dome and the base does not scratch the wall or the floor, when we put the pole in the rented apartment.

6 months of warranty - that's not all. We do not leave the client unattended even after 6 months. We also help every customer who bought our pole second-hand. We service the multi-year rods, or we send spare parts for elements that wear out over time like in a car. We will not leave you without technical support and care.

Capacity 150 kg - The bar is even suitable for exercises for two people.

Diameter 45 mm - The most popular diameter used in pole dance schools and competitions

Interchangeable ceiling mount (permanent installation possible) - The set includes a silicone plate that is used for mounting without screwing the pole to the ceiling. However, if you want to mount it on a fixed mounting (mounting with pins for mounting), you need to buy an additional mounting 

The average waiting time for a mattress to be made is 7 days, shorts 3 days
Aerial hoops, folding dance poles and other equipment are sent immediately after received the payment.

Shipping time 2-4 days by GLS or DHL courier

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AERIAL HOOP and CRASH MATS 1x pack 2 x pack 3 x pack
Austria Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Spain, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Sweden    61,90   EUR  164,29   EUR  285,71   EUR





Rest product incl. Folding dance poles

Rest product incl. Dance poles small product 1 pack 2 pack
Austria Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, , Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Sweden 19,05 EUR 19,05 EUR 57,14 EUR
Spain, Portugal, Romania, Ireleand  19,05 EUR 28,57 EUR 42,86 EUR







Folding POLES are shipped in 1 package, stage are shipped in 5 packages, so before ordering STAGE please contact us for a cheaper shipment for you.

If you want to order Pole4you one-piece pipe, write to us, we will quote the shipment

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