Dance pole - one-piece polished or powder painted FAST POLE

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Looking for professional equipment for your dance studio? Fast Pole is a dance pole with which you can create a unique practice space.

Fast Pole is a pole designed for high spaces, making it ideal for dance schools. Its specialized design ensures safety and comfort during pole dance training. 

Thanks to Fast Pole you will diversify your workouts and engage different parts of your body! The Quick Spin function allows you to instantly change the pole from static to rotating - just pull the pin in one motion.

We will adapt the offered pole to your room. You just need to specify the exact height of the room where you intend to install the pole in the message to your order. To correct measurement errors, we leave a reserve of +6 cm of pole adjustment. With the spare you are sure that your pole will fit perfectly in the room.


What do you gain when you buy one-piece Fast Pole:

  • The pole is designed for professional dance schools - it is the perfect choice for use in organized classes. You can quickly disassemble the pole to prepare the room for another type of exercise.
  • Reinforced walls adapted to the length of the pole - for poles longer than 3.5 m we use reinforced walls. This solution ensures safety and prevents the pole from bending while dancing.
  • Instant change of the rotary-static function - thanks to the use of Quick Spin, you will quickly change the pole from rotary to static with one move, thus saving time during the class.
  • Possibility to personalize the color of the pole - on special request, we will powder paint the pole in white or black, so you can match its appearance to your liking. Painting of the pole is done at an additional charge.


Parameters of one-piece FAST POLE:

Weight10-15 kg depending on the height

Lifting capacity150 kg

Rod diameter42 mm

Ceiling mount diameter8.5 cm 

Diameter of floor base10 cm 

Installation/disassembly time60 seconds 

Warranty period12 months

Material: polished stainless steel or powder coated steel


IMPORTANT: When ordering, specify the exact height from floor to ceiling (mounting location). The height should not be measured against the wall, as such a measurement may be incorrect. 

The stand in this model of the pole is screwed into the floor. The depth of the hole for the base is a maximum of 3 cm, while the dowels are sufficient for 6 cm. Pins for screwing the fixed mount and for screwing the base should be purchased individually, depending on the mounting surface.

Are you thinking about making a purchase? Do you have questions? Browse the blog posts or contact us - we will help you choose a product that meets your expectations.


Lead time


Lead time

Folded pole

up to 3 working days

One-piece pole

up to 10 working days

One-piece powder painted pole

7-14 working days

Summer pole silver polished (folded)

2-5 working days

Summer pole powder painted (folded)

7-14 working days

Aerial hoop

up to 3-4 working days


2-10 working days


1-5 working days

Another products

1-2 working days


Remember - we start processing your order after the payment is credited to our bank account. Take this into account when calculating the delivery time!


Do you care about express shipping of your order? Would you like to get information about the exact delivery time? Contact us by phone at +48 730 113 110 or by email at


Delivery time

Once your order is processed by M-pole, we hand over the complete and secured package to the courier, who will deliver it to the address you specified. At this stage, it is up to the carrier to determine when the package will reach you. However, we only work with trusted suppliers and know the estimated delivery time.



Estimated delivery time

GLS (mats, poles, small products)

to Germany, Slovakia - 2-3 working days

DHL (only aerial hoops)

to Netherland, Belgium - 3-4 working days


to France, Italy - 3-4 working days


to Spain, Portugal - 4-5 working days


M-pole offers sales and shipping of products to all countries within Europe. If you would like information on delivery times and costs, please contact us by phone at 730-113-110 or by email at

We ship to all countries in Europe. If your country is not on the list of countries, please write to us. If you are interested in cooperation with us or dropshipping, write to us!, whatsapp 791870977


Countries Stage without floor Stage with floor Summer pole Aerial hoop and mattresses Small products

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg (+25 EUR customs clearance),
Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovenia

240 PLN 400 PLN 160 PLN


80 PLN
Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia 330 PLN 550 PLN 220 PLN 380 PLN 110 PLN
Ireland, Serbia 540 PLN 1000 PLN 360 PLN 380 PLN 180 PLN
Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Sweden 510 PLN 1200 PLN 340 PLN 380 PLN 90-170 PLN
Norway, Croatia, Finland, Great Britain (+25 EUR customs clearance), 1020 PLN 1400 PLN 680 PLN 380 PLN 290 PLN
Liechtenstein, Switzerland (+25 EUR customs clearance), 750 PLN 1250 PLN 500 PLN 480 PLN 230 PLN



You can check the exact price for shipping after adding the product to the basket. If you want to order several pieces of hoops, mattresses or poles, write to us, we will price the transport individually. 

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