Aerial hoop 70-110 cm

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Aerial hoop ® / lyra / circus wheel, shipment 24 hours,

we have large quantity in stock, so do not worry that the hoop you ordered will not be delivered on time. Our hoop took part in the Polish Federation Air Power Athletics Competition in 2019.

If you are opening a school or want to order more equipment, see our offer here, or call 791 870 977 and we will talk about discounts;)

SHIPPING IMMEDIATELY - We are a manufacturer of aerial hoops, so we try to ship immediately. For hoops with 2 or zero point may be a longer waiting time.

PERFECTLY FIT - there is no universal hoop. The hoopadjusts to the height of the exerciser and the length of the legs. That is why we offer a whole range of sizes so that each of our customers is fully satisfied with the equipment. On request, we can make non-standard diameters (e.g. 110 cm diameter for people with a height of 180 cm).

weight is extremely important because a wheel that is too light is improperly balanced and turns around during exercise. Our smallest 80 cm wheel weighs almost 4 kg, and the largest 110 cm wheel weighs 5 kg.

prevents the hoop from tipping over. There is no specific specification regarding the width of the grips spacing. However, set too wide apart can cause the hoop to tip over. 

SMOOTH, aesthetically finished WELDING OF THE HANDLES -
we are a manufacturer of hoop, so we make them every day and therefore each of them is made with the utmost care. You may notice uneven welding of hoop holders at other retailers. We attach great importance to the aesthetics of the equipment on which you practice.

POWDER PAINTED STEEL - the best material for circus circle - the hoop are painted mainly black and pink, because to change the color of the hoop to another, just wrap it with a colorful tape. Tapes are additionally used to increase the comfort of exercising on the equipment.
BAR THICKNESS - The standard bar thickness for M-pole circus wheels is 3/4 inch or approximately 2.7 cm.

COLOR The standard black color is available in all sizes, while pink hoops are available in sizes 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100. Pink is the perfect color for a little princess;)

Aerial hoops are available in sizes: 75 cm, 80 cm, 85 cm, 90 cm, 95 cm, 100 cm, 105 cm, 110 cm, with one or two handles.

Aerial hoop with two points is used with a spacing of 60 degrees, that is:
80 cm - 26 cm
85-28.5 cm
90-30 cm
95-31.5 cm
100-33 cm
The wheels are made according to the IPSF requirements

Currently, our hoops have larger holes in the handles (3 cm in diameter) due to the fact that you can easily mount the hoop on a belt, daisy chain or put a handloop on it.


One way to adjust the hoop: you sit on a chair and the length from the seat to the top of the head + 10 cm. This should be the diameter of the hoop, you can of course buy a larger one, but a smaller one will make it impossible to fit in it.


A hoop with a single handle is considered more professional and a hwoop with a single handle is suitable for beginners as it does not spin and is more stable. However, in the case of figures at the beginner level, it does not matter much, as each of them can be performed on both hoop


what else do you need to mount the hoop? In addition to the hoop, you need two carabiners, a swivel, rope and a ceiling mount. You can replace the line with a silk or a daisy chain. 

If you want to buy an aerial hoop kit ready for assembly, you can choose

aerial hoop  with BASIC assembly kit - includes the minimum amount of equipment you need to start practicing on the aerial wheel

aerial hoop with a PRO mounting kit - contains the maximum amount of accessories so that you will not run out of anything while exercising.

The average waiting time for a mattress to be made is 7 days, shorts 3 days
Aerial hoops, folding dance poles and other equipment are sent immediately after received the payment.

Shipping time 2-4 days by GLS or DHL courier

If you want to order Pole4you one-piece pole, write to us, we will quote the shipment

We ship to all countries in Europe. If your country is not on the list of countries, please write to us. If you are interested in a wholesale order, please write to us

European Shipping cost to: 

AERIAL HOOP and CRASH MATS 1x pack 2 x pack 3 x pack
Austria Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Spain, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Sweden    57,14   EUR  114,29   EUR  171,43  EUR






Rest product incl. Dance poles small product 1 pack 2 pack

Austria Belgium, Germany, Republic Czech, Denmark,  Lithuania, Latvia, Luxemburg,  Netherlands, Slovakia,


  17,58 EUR 35,16 EUR
Spain, Portugal, Romania, Ireleand    35,16 EUR 70,33 EUR









Bulgaria, , Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Lichtenstein, Szwajcaria, Słowenia 
  24,18 EUR 48,35 eur


Folding POLES are shipped in 1 package, Summer poles are shipped in 2 packages

If you want to order one-piece oles, write to us, we will quote the shipment


If you are interested in DROPSHIPPING cooperation write to us

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